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lunes contribution to conscious consumerism

At the end of the day, Lune sells products and is part of the consumer platform however when creating Lune, Hannah was determined to have the brand contribute to the world in a positive way. Besides being as environmentally conscious as possible with the packaging + labelling, Lune has set up several initiatives that contribute to making even more of a difference. Below are some examples of how Lune give back and some of the charities we are affiliated with...

return, recycle, reward

If you are an amazing conscious consumer, Lune has a wonderful incentive to minimise waste and reward you for your part in making the world more sustainable. If you return your empty Lune containers, we will reward you with a 30% discount for your next order. Please post all empty Lune containers to 40 Rannoch Road, Hammersmith, U.K, W69SR with all your details, particularly your name and email address. We will then email you (to minimise paper waste) a digital coupon which you can use for your next purchase. 

ethical totes for young minds

During the lead up to Christmas, alternative bagging options were being considered for multi sale purchases that may have been too heavy or too big to fit into Lunes lovely recycled kraft paper bags...so cotton tote bags were researched. After discovering the wonderful U.K brand BIDBI (Bag It Don't Bin It), Lune had found it answer. BIDBI makes beautiful branded cotton canvas bags as an eco-friendly, fairly traded alternative to plastic carrier bags. Besides offering one of these beautiful bags free for purchases over £80.00, Lune decided to go one step further. For every tote purchased, Lune now donates 20% of tote bag sales to the incredible charity, Young Minds, who works tirelessly to support young people in the U.K who are coping with mental health issues. 

For more information on YoungMinds and BIDBI, check out their websites below;

YoungMinds - www.youngminds.org.uk

BIDBI - www.bidbi.co.uk

black friday...with a conscious twist

As it is Lunes first year of trading, impending Black Friday sales raised concerns for the brand. From a business point of view, engaging in the sales seemed important yet the whole basis of the day has never felt right (the yearly footage that circulates around the world of frenzied shoppers greedily pushing and shoving each other for materialistic nonsense has always hit a nerve). So the question became; to be involved or not be involved? Inspired by another wonderfully conscious brand, a solution presented itself; Black Friday...with a conscious twist. This year, Lune has decided to donate 10% of all Black Friday sales to the Australian bush fire relief and support for those who have lost their homes or for the earth angels who are caring for the burnt little wildlife who have also been displaced. Lune aims to continue this trend for any other consumer driven holiday sales by donating 10% of sales to meaningful causes.  

positive hidden messages

It is probably obvious by now that Lune is an advocate for mental health and so it was a no brainer to include positive messages on the bottles of Lune Mist and the Relax Roll On. All Lune products were designed to create calm and alleviate stress so while you're enjoying the calming benefits that the blend of essential oils provide, why not find the positive little message on the bottle and remind yourself to breathe, that you're doing your best and that you are worth everything.